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Welcome to Lee Boon Wang's Art Gallery

Welcome to the website of Lee Boon Wang Art Gallery. This site provides you with a glimpse of the work of one of the well known artists in Singapore. Mr. Lee has been a professional artist for 30 years. His favourite media is oil although he often uses water-colour. His realist style has won him the recognition in Singapore as well as in South East Asia. He has received numerous awards and commissions both at home and overseas.
Singaporeans love his portrayal of the old Singapore River (right), something that the younger generation can no longer experience in the modern-day Singapore.
Mr. Lee has travelled widely in search of painting subjects. His footprints can be found all over South East Asia, particularly Bali, Indonesia (top left). In China, his favourite destination is the Province of Yunnan, where he can feel the vibrant mood of the minority tribes (bottom left). He has also visited Europe and the U.S. In his paintings, we can literally feel his love of humanity as he portrays the lives of the local people.
Another passion of Mr. Lee is sailing. Not only is he an expert navigator, he shows his love of the sport through his paintings of scenes of majestic regattas and serene marinas.

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